About us !

Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS is a prestigious and well known public educational institution in Karachi. It is located at the main road adjacent to Govt. Riaz Degree College, Liaqutabad o. 10.
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Anjuman-e-Islamia Government Girls Secondary School
Anjuman-e-Islamia Government Girls Secondary School
Liaqutabad No.10, F B Area Karachi, Pakistan
Contacts:  03333362305

Our Mission!

Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS is committed to providing an education for young girls which encourages achievement and self esteems, fosters a co-operative spirit and celebrates diversity so that students develop the knowledge, skills and values necessary to face the challenges of the future and to be a part of global community.


The Vision: Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS is a public school which:

  1. Is a forward thinking dynamic learning community – a leader in Girls Education.
  2. Deliberately pursues excellence and encourages students and staff to achieve their ‘personal best’.
  3. Fosters care and concern for the individual and social justice for all members of the school community.
  4. Values the diversity that its day and boarding communities bring.
  5. Is committed to the implementation of innovative practice which engages students.
  6. Shares a philosophy of learning and teaching.
  7. Encourages local community service.
  8. Advocates gender equity and encourages young women to take the lead in shaping their own future and the future of their communities.
  9. Uses its exceptional human and physical resources to provide a wide range of opportunities to its  students and staff.
  10. Promotes leadership at all levels within its staff and students.

Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS student is:


Confident, ambitious, resilient, socially competent, academically capable with a strong sense of self, a strong sense of justice, respect for others, enthusiasm for life, cultural awareness, well developed values and beliefs who is able to reason and make wise choices, striving for her personal best, ready for leadership, imaginative, spiritually alive, a global citizen.


Our Values

  1. Pride – All members of  Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS will have a sense of dignity and self-worth.  They will be proud of who they are, their achievements and their school.
  2. Integrity - All members of Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS will show honesty, sincerity, truthfulness and fairness in all of their dealings with others.
  3. Diligence - All members of Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS will show motivation, perseverance and a willingness to work through adversity.  They will have confidence in their ability to achieve their personal best.
  4. Empathy – All members of Anjuman-e-Islamia GGSS will have an understanding of the feelings of others based on an understanding of their inherent dignity and rights.

Our Motto

Preparing Students For Success In A Changing World